Too much sizzle and NOT enough substance

In marketing there is a saying “All sizzle and no steak”. What this essentially means is that products and services are being advertised and sold as being capable of offering the buyer something so much better than that product or service is capable of delivering. How many times have you heard people complain about purchases falling well short of their expectations? Well that’s the ‘Marketer’s’ job right there, to make the average bod in the street buy ‘things’ they don’t really need or which is not fit for purpose.

Another way in which products and services are sold to us is by these businesses shouting from the rooftops about how green and caring for the communities they are. These ‘green credentials’ are big business because they tune in to the average bod in the street, the average bod who wants to agree with saving the planet from manmade nasties. Likewise, businesses will donate to the vulnerable members of society just to win that coveted extra quid.

The more I pootle around the internet, the more I see the lies and false claims. These falsehoods of being all ‘caring and lovely’ couldn’t be much more detached from the truth if they tried. I am quite simply discovering that, from the marketers of large companies down to the self-promoter, all are little more than fairground attractions – all theatre and make believe.


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