Single woman syndrome.

I was wondering why so many single women over the age of 30 years of age are so crabby. Is it some weird hormonal condition forcing their bodies and brains to grab out for any man they can in an attempt to reproduce and when this just isn’t happening they get really tetchy?

The trouble then is that they just look too desperate and needy as the IVF territory begins to kick in because they have been the ones to ‘want it all’. Unfortunately the biological clock tick, tick, ticks out of time and for some it is simply too late.

There is a new test on the market which shows sperm counts, I just have visions of all these desperate women producing these kits on first dates to save them wasting time having to have a ‘proper’ relationship with the male species.

Of course these women would never, ever admit to behaving in such a way. No they cover it all up by comments like “I’m a strong woman and don’t need a man in my life”. I’m not so convinced because a couple of batteries covered in rubber won’t keep you warm or buy a round of drinks now will it?

I’m so glad this is just an observation for me 🙂


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